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Simulation Parameters

App Price 1st Year


App Price 2nd Year


Perceived Value


Shopify app store growth simulator


This is a simple simulator to show how the price of an app can affect the growth of an app in the Shopify app store.


The simulator uses a simple formula to calculate the number of new installs each month based on the perceived value of the app and the price.

App Store Rank

The app store rank is calculated using a simple logarithmic formula based on the number of installs.

Monthly Revenue

The monthly revenue is calculated based on the number of installs and the price of the app. Old merchants are grandfathered in at the first year price.

Perceived Value

Perceived value is a measure of how much value the app provides to the user. This is influenced by how fast the app can help the merchant to achieve their goals, how certain it achieves the goal, and how much effort it saves.