Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Google Analytics Attribution for Shopify Apps

Fusionmetrics offers detailed analysis on listing views and app installations for your Shopify applications. By merging data from Google Analytics and revenue metrics with user behavior analysis, we aim to help you comprehend the main contributors to your app’s value. This guide demystifies how to interpret the attribution report and explains the roles of different …

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GA4 support available

We are rolling out GA4 support. If you want to set it up for your dashboard, just drop me a message and I’ll walk you through the details. With GA4 we able to provide a complete view on your listing traffic to give you the complete visibility of your conversion funnel!

Backend Upgrades are Live

We are thrilled to announce the successful deployment of Fusionmetrics’ cutting-edge backend system, ETL6.1. This remarkable enhancement not only accelerates dashboard loading speed but also paves the way for rapid advancements in the future. With ETL6.1, expect exciting new features and deeper integration with Shopify. We acknowledge that this achievement required an extraordinary effort and …

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Public Roadmap

Fusionmetrics’ goal is to provide the best analytics solution for Shopify partners. As a founder I am constantly trying to improve the product and I need your help.For this I created a public roadmap where you can vote on which features are most important to you.This will create more transparency for users and also help …

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Dashboard Performance Improvements

A lot has been happening behind the scenes of Fusionmetrics. Most notably the Dashboard performance was improved. This is was possible by upgrading to a larger database server and tuning of the database on an index level. Furthermore monitoring has been improved to quickly notice any irregularities.