Revenue analytics and attribution for Shopify apps

Track full customer journey from ad click and listing page visit to the eventual app install and revenue generation

Attribute app installs to Google Analytics with confidence

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Act on the the right data

Fusionmetrics combines Google Analytics data with Shopify Partner data to give you the complete picture. On top we provide industry standard SaaS Metrics tailored for Shopify app operators.

Full Google Analyics 4 support
By combining Google Analytics 4 data with Shopify Partner data, we provide you with the full picture of your app performance.
Easy to set up
Fusionmetrics is a no code setup, so no code changes required on your side. Simply provide us with API access and we will take care of the rest.
Industry Standard SaaS Metrics
We provide you with industry standard SaaS metrics tailored for Shopify app operators.
Cross Domain Tracking
Whether you merchants are coming from the Shopify App Store or your external homepage, we pinpoint where your revenue is coming from
Life time value modeling and prediction
We employ an industry leading model to determine the true value of your customers, based on their past behaviour and future potential.
Automatic integration of storefront information
We automatically scrape available information from your merchants' store front like Shopify Plus plan, language and currency

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Understanding Your App's Performance

It's critical to understand how your app is performing in and across various traffic channels

That's where Fusionmetrics comes in. It provides a comprehensive dashboard that connects your App Store Google Analytics data with bottom-line revenue analytics.

Track your funnel:
Understand your app performance inside and across acquisition channels
Optimize your targeting:
Fusionmetrics helps you find the best-converting sources, search terms, and campaigns
Viable acquistion cost calculation:
Fusionmetrics suggests how much to spend on each keyword and traffic source

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Here is what our customers have to say:

    • One of the hardest things while running a Shopify SaaS business is attribution. I had a vague idea of where installs came from but not revenue. Alexanderhupfer & Fusionmetrics have solved that problem beautifully.

      Salil Panikkaveettil
      Co Founder @adnabu
    • Feeling like a kid on Christmas rn. If you have a Shopify app and want better analytics, he’s your guy

      Noah Tucker
      Founder & CEO of @_socialsnowball
    • shows top keywords to paid stores conversion rate and it was such an incredible insight. If you are a Shopify Dev you need to get in touch

      Vishwesh Shetty
      Shopify App Expert with apps used by 15k merchants

Simple no-tricks pricing

Fusionmetrics' fee is based on your 30-day revenue at time of signup and remains constant throughout your subscription. Signup now and lock in your rate for life.

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What's included

  • Unlimited Seats
  • Google Analytics Attribution
  • All Features
  • Unlimited Apps

per month

Who is behind Fusionmetrics?

  • Alexander Hupfer, PhD


    I'm a physicist turned SaaS founder. I love working on hard problems and building products that people love. I live in Stuttgart with my wife and kid.

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